The Power of Storytelling

Winter 2021

Week Three


This week we talk about the BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS of your stories—and have some fun "pizzazz" to ponder as well.


The stories that I talk about in some detail are:

  • A Song for Ireland

  • Learning to Pray

  • Total Eclipse

  • The Fourth State of Being

Also, I noticed that "A Song for Ireland" was cut off in your packet, so I've attached a new, complete version here.


Next week we look at characters and setting.

And remember to keep working on your final project. This is any story of any kind, up to 1,200 words. We will be meeting live for our final class, during which time we will discuss each of your pieces. Please let me know if you would like to bounce off any ideas--or be sure to post on our Slack page. I know our fellow writers could have some valuable insight as well.


Happy Writing!


All the best,


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