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The Power of Storytelling
Winter 2022

Week Five

Hi Storytellers!

Here we are at week five, the last video. I'm afraid the video is a tad long (nearly two hours!!)--but that's because I included publishing info for both books and articles, along with some discussion on what to do after you finish your rough draft. If you're only interested in books, you can fast-forward to ~13:45. And if you're only interested in articles, you can fast-forward to ~1:02:22. I end with a discussion of some of the stories that I've written, the thought process that went into each one. If it's not interesting to you, you can stop at ~1:35.17. I've attached the stories that I discuss to this email.


So this ends the video portion of our class. The final class will be a live discussion of your story. I will email you separately to set up a time to meet sometime next week, if that fits your schedule.

Please be sure to send me your final story as soon as you can, so I can review it before our meeting.

Here are the extra readings for this week, by yours truly:


Have an inspired week! 


All the best,


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